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Welcome to the Kevin Daly Bursary Fund

This site is dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams of higher education.


We are proud to have launched the Kevin Daly Bursary Fund, in 2023 to honour Kevin Daly and his commitment to ALS families. In partnership with ALS Canada, the fund provides $2,500 in scholarships to help students in need who have been impacted by ALS.

We are committed to helping young people reach their goals and pursue their dreams. Our mission is to help make higher education accessible so everyone can have an opportunity to thrive.


Join us today and help us make a difference in the lives of students in Canada.


Our goal in 2024 is the increase the number of bursaries we award by raising $15,000 in donations this year.


2024 application deadlines will be published by March 1, 2024 for our annual spring intake. 

Gift Box

Learn more about ALS and how you can help support research to end ALS.

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